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Giant Pumpkin Seeds

1078.00 Larsen 2016

The 1078 Was grown my rookie year on the 1712 Werner and pollinated with the 2185 Brandt, both heavy fruit. The 1078 produced the 1886 in its first year which was my second year growing.

male 2185 Brandt 2015
1078.00 Larsen 2016  
1712 Werner 2015

Price: $20.00 / per packet, 4 seeds per packet.

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Seed Details
Grower Last Name: Larsen
Vegetable Weight: 1078.00
Year Grown: 2016
SideTo Side:
Stem To Blossom:
Female Weight: 1712
Female Grower: Werner
Female Year: 2015
Male Weight: 2185
Male Grower: Brandt
Male Year: 2015
Seeds Per Packet: 4


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