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Giant Vegetable Assortments


4 seeds each of 3 giant orange pumpkin over 500 lbs, 4 seeds each 3 different field pumpkins over 100 lbs, 5 seeds each of 3 different bushel gourds over 175 lbs, 10 seeds each of giant head dwarf and giant head tall sunflower, 15 to 25 seeds each of giant ear indian corn, giant white corn, glass gem corn, and colored dent corn, 6 seeds unique shaped autumn colored squash. $100 plus value purchased seperately

Price: $50.00 / per packet, 150 seeds per packet.

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Seed Details
Variety: Squash, field pumpkins
Grower Last Name: House
Variety: Squash, field pumpkins
Seeds Per Packet: 150


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