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1204.00 Ritter 2020

Weighing more than a half ton, the seed from this pumpkin will give you serious competitive genetics. As long as it is wide while being over 14 foot round, this giant is a joy to watch grow. Officially competed at the 2020 PGPGA - Pennsylvania weigh off finishing 12th at 1204 lbs while going 4% heavy. The walls on the side were 13 inches thick while the top walls were 10 inches thick! A heavy hitter with this choice seed.

male 1773 Brandt 2019
1204.00 Ritter 2020  
1773 Brandt 2019

Price: $25.00 / per packet, 2 seeds per packet.

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Seed Details
Grower Last Name: Ritter
Vegetable Weight: 1204.00
Year Grown: 2020
Circumference: 171.5
SideTo Side: 100.25
Stem To Blossom: 100.5
Female Weight: 1773
Female Grower: Brandt
Female Year: 2019
Male Weight: 1773
Male Grower: Brandt
Male Year: 2019
Seeds Per Packet: 2