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Participating Growers

Archer, Derek
Berard, AL
Boudyo, Fabrice
Buettner, Todd
Buglio, Frank
Caspers, Pete
Connolly, Steve
Cope, Ted
DeRycke, Steven
Gehweiler, Chad
Gerry, Eric
Indiana Pumpkin Growers Association
Dutch Giant Vegetable Weigh-off
House, Joe
Hurley, Harry
Connecticut Giant Squash & Pumpkin Growers Association
Kent, Christopher
Konieczny, Chris
Langevin, Don
Larsen, Josh
Lindley, Jeremy
MacKinnon, John
Marshall, Michael
Maydan, Steve
Nieuwenhoff, John
Oliver, Michael
Pelletier, Jeff
Prochaska, Tony
Pugh, Russ
Ritter, Leif
Shymanski, Mark
Stowers, Steve
Theil, Jeff
Touchton, Brian
Wallace, Ronald
P & P Seed Co.
Weibel, Cory
Wursten, Bradley
Zaychkowsky, Eddy

About Us

WorldClassGardening.com is an independent exchange operator, specializing in the exchange of seeds of important genetic characteristics, between seed buyers and the original seed growers.

Seeds are authenticated by shipments from the actual grower.

WorldClassGardening.com neither inventories nor ships seeds, but does facilitate the exchange of seeds between purchasers and seed suppliers, and provides:

  • Accurate and verifiable data on sellers and their seed offerings
  • Marketing assistance for registered seed sellers
  • Maintenance for the WorldClassGardening.com website
  • Processing of all orders through a secure credit card Gateway
  • Confirmirmations of all purchases to buyers
  • Confirmirmations of shipping instructions to sellers
  • Administration of all order accounting for sellers
  • Quarterly seller compensation by way of check

Questions should be referred to: dlangevin@worldclassgardening.com


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