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Giant Vegetable Assortments


Each GIANT vegetable starter pack will contain the following seeds; Giant Beet 5-6 seeds, Giant Carrot 5-10 seeds, Giant Kohlrabi 5-10 seeds, Giant Pepper 5-6 seeds, Giant Marrow 2-3 seeds, Giant Bushel Gourd 2-3 seeds, Giant Tomato from my 4.54 pounder 2-3 seeds, Tall Sunflower 17 foot+ 3-5 seeds, Giant pumpkin 1000+ pounds 2-3, Long Gourd 100+ inch 2-3 seeds, Giant Field Pumpkin 2-3 seeds, Giant Rutabaga 6-10 seeds, Giant Cabbage 10-15 seeds, Giant Onion 3-5 seeds, Giant Bell Pepper 5-6 seeds, Giant Squash 2 seeds. Plus growing tips for all the above seeds. This a great way to try a bunch of different giants with out having to buy a large package of each. All the seeds in this assortment are from top competition quality seeds, most with variety or genetics listed on the packet. Seeds from Canada can take 1-3 weeks to arrive. BONUS - Order any three packages of seed from my offerings and I will include my 40 page, full color guide entitled "Beginners Guide to Growing an Atlantic Giant Pumpkin" FREE

Price: $30.00 / per packet, 100 seeds per packet.

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Seed Details
Variety: 15 Different Giant Vegetables Starter Pack
Grower Last Name: Nieuwenhoff
Variety: 15 Different Giant Vegetables Starter Pack
Seeds Per Packet: 100


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