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Giant Vegetable Assortments


Growing Giant Pumpkins is Fun! I've been growing big pumpkins my whole life. And in the last few years, have found some heavy genetics, with parents including; 1,725 Harp, 1,658 Young, 1,566 Rodonis, 1,450 Wallace, 1,446 Eaton, 1,420.5 LaRue, 1,409 Miller, 1,400 Holland, 1,385.5 Jutras, 1,370 Rose, 1,231.3 Pukos, 1,104 Hester etc. You will receive five seeds from each of the five parents pictured, weighing between 925lbs. and 1,440lbs.

Price: $149.00 / per packet, 25 seeds per packet.

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Seed Details
Variety: Giant Pumpkin Assortment
Grower Last Name: Stowers
Variety: Giant Pumpkin Assortment
Seeds Per Packet: 25


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